Friday, 1 July 2011

The Burgermat Show: what a blast!

Wowzers - what an awesome time was had at The Burgermat Show on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th June at Andrews on Grays Inn Road! This is a new site on which photos, artwork and other bits of Burgermat news will be posted as and when. Yes, you can buy burgermat artwork as A2 art prints hand stamped and numbered in editions of 50. Don't sleep - if you want a particular print, you should buy now - they're selling almost as fast as tickets to the two-night event! 

Huge thanks to all the artists involved in the project, and of course to Daniel Young of BurgerMonday, Fred Smith of the Admiral Codrington (whose burger really was "next level"), Crispin Finn for designing such a super logo for the event, print partner Blam of, Jingan Young of Campari & Soda blog for doing such an excellent job front of house on the Monday evening, and Leo Cackett for taking the above photograph.

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