Friday, 21 June 2013

The Burgermat Show book launch at ELCAF!

Almost exactly two years since I put on the Burgermat Show with Burger Monday, I'm pretty freakin' chuffed to be able to say that the book of the project – a 50 page paper placemat pad complete with burger recipes – is finally printed and ready to launch via East London publishing company, Nobrow...

The book includes all 24 Burgermat artworks as tear-out paper placemats plus four killer burger recipes varying in difficulty from my Super Easy Cheesy, Byron's signature Byron Burger, Opera Tavern's mini Iberico Pork and Foie Gras burgers, to Fred Smith's attempt-it-if-you-dare Double Cheese Stack – all of which were shot specially for the book by London's most dedicated burger photographer, Thomas Bowles.

The Burgermat Show book is set to launch at tomorrow's ELCAF (East London Comics & Art Festival) among a host of burger-themed activities that include a burger-themed nail bar hosted by the world's only burgers-and-nails blogger, Nailburgerlar...

And if getting your nails did ain't your thing, choose from a host of specially designed burger-themed tattoos and illustrator Damien Weighill will hand draw them onto your arm for you – using  non-toxic water-based inks...

And as if that wasn't enough burger bang for your buck, Street Kitchen will be on hand in a silver airstream to serve up burgers - including a specially devised ELCAF burger - essentially a tweaked version of its AWESOME Buffalo Bill that includes a tomato, caper, gherkin, shallot and parsley compote:

Here's the poster for the event which is by Philadelphia-based illustrator Andy Rementer - who is also ELCAF's artist in residence AND one of the 24 contributing Burgermat Show artists:

I know it's Ribstock tomorrow and there's a million and one other ace things happening in London BUT, if you can come to ELCAF, it's at York Hall in East London from 10am to 7pm there'll be LOADS of great stuff going on!

Find out more at 

PS Super thanks to Lydia Whitmore for the Burgermat Show book photography.

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