On 27th & 28th June 2011 the BurgerMonday series of pop-up dinners took its burger obsession a step further. As with all BurgerMonday events, a guest chef, in this case Fred Smith of the Admiral Codrington pub, cooked a bespoke burger on the flat-top griddle of the Gray’s Inn greasy spoon, Andrews.

But this pop-up event was extra special because burger blogger Burgerac curated an accompanying art show in which an international cast of 24 contemporary illustrators and image makers showcased their burger love in brand new artworks all displayed as beautifully printed paper placemats. All the artists contributing to this brand new body of artwork share a fresh and playful approach to image making, and, but of course, a love of burgers!

That's right, the works in this exhibition weren't framed and hung on the walls. No siree. The Burgermat Show artworks were instead be displayed on the Formica tables of Andrews. The Burgermats first served their primary function as table placemats, catching drips of burger juice or other spills. The 64 pop-up diners (divided into four overlapping sittings) were encouraged to use their Burgermats as placemats, “completing” the artworks in front of them with an abstract splat of leaked ketchup here or a figurative squirt of mustard there. After completion of Fred's three-course meal diners could either take their personalised Burgermat home or swap it with other attendees to acquire their favourite piece.

Just as BurgerMonday regularly transforms the humble burger into a chopped steak of great distinction, the 24 artists that contributed to The Burgermat Show turned the disposable placemat into a collectible Burgermat signed by the burger lovers who made them and then duly stained by the burger lovers who dined on them.

Above photography by Leo Cackett

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